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FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY teaches those topics commonly found in high school chemistry classes and includes several sections often covered in more extensive courses. The difference in the classic textbook mode of instruction and the approach used by the Chemistry Professor is the manner in which the subject is taught. Chemistry is a vibrant subject, a subject filled with light and action and colors and excitement; a subject that begs to be taught by the Points of Inquiry method. Responses to the inquiries require thorough explanation of the subject in order for the answers to those questions generating the excitement to be understood clearly. Points of Inquiry are introduced in every unit and students are encouraged to be able to respond to those Points at other places in the course.

The essential topics are addressed: measurements, calculations, matter, energy, elements, compounds, nomenclature, equations, types of reactions, the mole, stoichiometry, atomic theory, the periodic table, bonding theory, gases, liquids, solids, solutions, acids, bases, equilibrium, pH and Buffers, radioactivity, and oxidation-reduction. These topics are all addressed at the beginning level of chemistry with a view to preparing students who may need to take college chemistry at a later date. Emphasis is placed on problem solving and the use of a logical approach to these solutions.

Gagne and Briggs Nine Instructional Events are utilized throughout the presentation. The Chemistry Professor gains the student’s attention through Points of Inquiry (questions), states the goals and objectives to be addressed, reminds students of something they have already experienced or seen, presents the material, guides the seeking of learning, elicits performance, provides feedback, enhances retention, and determines progress.

How is this done using a DVD? The Chemistry Professor presents the FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY material in an evolving lecture that does not overwhelm the student with a myriad of words and figures required by textbooks. Colorful figures, animations, and diagrams are accompanied by that all important factor – face-to-face lectures and narration. Every principle, every example is carefully and thoroughly explained and narrated, by a highly experienced professional. Appropriate laboratory demonstrations are used to further enhance the understanding of principles being discussed. The result is a package that appeals to today’s students who are experienced with learning from a computer-driven source.

The program is designed for high school students currently enrolled in chemistry, but who may need further assistance with their high school chemistry courses. The Chemistry Professor never tires of repeating explanations when the student desires or pausing to permit the student time to think and make notes.

The program is ideal for home schooled students who need the expertise of a chemistry professional to guide their studies. Because this is a complete course, students can be confident that they are prepared for further studies if they avail themselves of the testing feature which accompanies FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY.

The program is an aid for teachers who may wish to refresh or alter their approach to the subject. Teachers who find themselves teaching a course they have not studied for several years will find this an easy review of topics. It also helps the teacher understand the topics college professors would like to see addressed in the high school classroom. It should be noted, however, that the range of topics may exceed the time availability for a one term course.

The course is intense. It is expected that the student will need to replay certain parts of the video several times in order to understand the material thoroughly. To enhance learning and understanding, students are encouraged to take a complete, detailed set of notes using the WORKBOOK/NOTEGUIDE which accompanies the course.

The course consists of 43 lessons of 30 minutes each presented on eleven DVD's that can be played on the television set or on computers having appropriate video capability.

FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY is designed to coordinate with virtually all high school level textbooks.

A subscription TUTOR AND TESTING service is available for this course. Information on making arrangements for the tutor and/or testing service will be made available to purchasers of the FUNDAMENTALS OF CHEMISTRY course . - A better way to teach and learn chemistry.